Gingko Clocks

Gingko Clocks

Gingko Clocks  Design-led Alarm Clocks Collection

Natalie and Paul Sun, have a passion for art and design that lead to setting up Gingko Design in 2011

We believe that good design should be simple but elegant, sustainable but unique, functional but also long lasting – This philosophy has inspired us to create our innovative and stylish designs that have now won a number of international awards. We have now become a leader in the premium design-led home and gift sector in the UK and across many other European countries.

Using the latest technology and a fresh, modern approach, we bring elegance and practicality together in a seamless and sustainable way, enabling us to create lighting, accessories and timepieces that will bring something truly special to your home.

So why Gingko? We get asked this a lot! The gingko biloba tree is one of the oldest in the world, beautiful when the leaves turn golden in autumn, and used for making herbal recipes and teas for hundreds of years. When we set up our company, we wanted to design and craft products that echoed these qualities; longevity, beauty and a practical use.

We’re now based in Kenilworth Warwickshire, the Shakespeare’s county, and we live outside the town of Warwick with our two beautiful children. We feel proud of what we have achieved and we know that you will feel the same pride in selling and owning our beautiful products.

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