Karlsson Modern Cuckoo Wall Clock Olive Green (21.5cm)

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Cuckoo! Who doesn't know the old-fashioned cuckoo clock? Karlsson gave the traditional cuckoo clock a modern look. The result? Wall clock Cuckoo. The design of this modern cuckoo clock is sleek and the bird sound is friendly. Bring a piece of nature into your home with this wall clock. You don't have to worry that the cuckoo will wake you up at night. The clock is silent between 22:00 and 06:00. With  the Karlsson wall clock Cuckoo you opt for tradition with a modern twist!

DO NOT change the time using the face fingers (hour/minute) as it can put the cuckoo out of sequence, use the ridged wheel on the battery housing at the back.

Size: 21.5m X 41cm
Battery (Not included)

Material: ABS

also available in: BlackGreen, GreyWhite
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