Gingko Cube Plus Clock Bamboo (8cm x 8cm)

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Gingko Cube Plus Clock Bamboo

Intelligently thought out and beautifully designed, the Cube Plus Clock is a clock plus alarm plus stopwatch plus timer all combined in one clever cube.

Made from natural wood, with integrated laser engraved touch control buttons, the cube can be used as a clock, but with a difference: the sound activated display automatically disappears when things are quiet, and lights back up with a gentle touch, clap or click of the fingers. You can also set the clock display to horizontal or vertical as per your preference. The incorporated user-friendly alarm can be activated or deactivated by simply flipping the cube over, whilst the clock display remains the same, and is super easy to set. And if, like a lot of us, you’re tired of the standard buzz of an alarm clock, then this is the product for you – you can choose from a natural forest bird sound or holiday-mode sea waves, or even opt for the rooster to ensure you’re wide awake.

With a simple flip of the cube onto the left or right side you can activate the timer or stopwatch, very handy for games with friends or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The Cube Plus Clock is a modern, minimal and stylish addition to any space, standing out from the crowd with its useful and unique features. 

Designed in-house by Gingko in Warwick, UK.

  • Size: 8cm x 8cm
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Automatic dim 50% between 9pm to 7am
  • Built in2000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • USB C charging cable included

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